Sunday, 1 April 2012


I rescued this little chap...he recovered and flew again!
What have I been up to this week?
Well I have learnt to Tweet!
Apparently it will draw people to my blog and Etsy shop
Did it work?
What a very weird phenomenon (there's a word I can't say), talking to a load of complete strangers about nothing much.
What has happened to a nice chat over a cup of tea, a bit of harmless gossip or a full on heated discussion face to face?
If you fancy a chat, get on the phone to friend or family, If you are really desperate get in a queue and start talking to the person next to you, this last is advice taken at your own risk (people often think you're bonkers), but hey! Let's keep the art of conversation alive!
Call me old fashioned or a   Grumpy Old Woman....but I just don't get it.

While writing this I have realised that there is a bit of a bird theme running through my life at the moment.

My daughter bought me this lovely Alabaster pigeon for Mother's Day

Then I found this in a charity shop

...and more owls like this to be listed in my Etsy Shop very soon

If you are reading this blog after finding me through Twitter...I take it all back!
Modern technology...What a wonderful thing!

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  1. Twit twoo, carry on the fabulous work, your blog looks amazing. keep tweeting!