Monday, 26 March 2012


                       Jim aged 8ish

I have great dog called Jimmy.
He was  rescued from an owner that hated him.
He was four years old at the time and his health was questionable. He suffered from occasional fits, stiff hips and a very poor digestive system.
I really didn't think he would live past six or seven.

                He will be SEVENTEEN in June!

He has been in very poor health for the last year or so ....and very smelly.
Christmas Eve 2010, in the snow, we drove him to the vet...I had phoned ahead and she (the vet )had asked me if it was a PTS
We walked into the vets room where Jimmy immediately perked up and pretended he was a puppy. 
So that 2 minute visit lightened my purse by £25, the vet did a minimal investigation and recommended blood tests, I declined (note: She did not look into Jim's mouth)

All of 2011 Jim deteriorated.
hence 'waiting for Jim to die'. I didn't think he was healthy enough move to France and so I stayed in the UK with him.
But!.....he went to the vet 2 weeks ago, they took 19 teeth out!....Jim is now coming to live in France!

There is a down side to this story ...had the vet done her job in 2010.............................................!

ps for those who don't own pets PTS (put to sleep)

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