Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Vide Grenier...In the Rain Part 2

Guess what?
When I woke up on Sunday morning...Il pleut toujours!

La pluie by Zaz on Grooveshark

Well rain doesn't really come near to describing it, pouring isn't really the right word either...It was a deluge! torrential rain just falling from the sky in huge violent drops.
I thought, no chance of a vide grenier this morning, but ever the intrepid adventurer I set out to discover if this was indeed so.
Mon Dieu! the French just don't stop play for a bit of rain!a full capacity vide grenier was taking place in amongst the puddles.
Even better the rain stopped for my visit and plastic covers were removed for my closer inspection and treasures were revealed.
Vens avec moi!

Sunday roast mmm!

a pluie a cessé...

...but dark clouds loom

fell in love with  le bateau

Ah! Chantal

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who would want this and why?

I was taken with this haughty looking chap


très très mignons lapins

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saucisson et chips anyone?

I love classic cars...

...and was very taken with this beauty


Take care u 

Love Maffy x


  1. Hello Maffy, just found you through your daughter! Loved this little trip through your local flea market. wow, the boat! fabulous.

  2. Hello Pamela...Nice to see you and thank your for your lovely comment. x