Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Les Vide Grenier ...In The Rain Part 1

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When I woke on Saturday morning it was...yes you've guessed it...Il pleuvait!

But as dedication to the cause dictates I duly set of for a local Vide Grenier (empty attic) which is the French equivalent to a Brtish car boot sale.
The weather was pretty awful and I was not expecting much of a turn out of sellers but surprisingly they were there in force, battling the elements. Give the French their due they are nothing if not resilient.
Lets go have a look around shall we?

On y va!

loved this old barrow

...and this little wooden piano
I have a thing about boxes
I particularly liked this stall
a deer in the corner!
lovely little wrought iron thingy!
I also have a thing for old suitcases
ancient coffee grinders
...and old coffee pots
loved the light catching these glass decanter stoppers
...and loved the textures in the box of door knobs
aqua blue soda syphons 
...and another wooden wheelbarrow
don't look if you are a vegetarian

spit roast chicken

Hope you enjoyed your little excursion around this Vide Grenier ...Come back tomorrow for part 2

love Maffy x

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  1. Um......did you buy that box? And if not why the devil not?