Friday, 16 March 2012

I haven't mentioned my husband yet...
He is not to keen on publicity but I had to share this email with you...thought it would give a good indication of the person he is.
He makes me laugh!

JC is our nearest French neighbour(who doesn't speak English)and has taken husband (who is trying hard to learn French) under his wing. 


What a trip ------ just back with JC.

Most of this was unexpected:

He took me to see his mate who can repair the front gate - nice shot of something 9.15am, plus strongest coffee I have ever tasted - screamed a bit like a girl on first sip - they were not impressed! Going back with gate - Jean Claude's tractor.
Next stopped on in the middle of nowhere to meet his mates making bread - had a good taste of various types. I said I needed the toilette - he said "non" ...and we drove off.

Next to the wood mill. That cutting service cos 230 euros!!!!! I thought it would be 80 euro - Quelle surprise!

Next - Graviers - I think, after much misunderstanding, we all now know what 'tout venant' is. 
Apparently the more with rollE (cafe e)the smoother it gets with the small bits of gravel lowering  below the surface and the clay compacting on the top. 
The lady at the gravel pit ( with, I think, beard)tried to explain the sequence.It takes about 6 months to settle.

Next - Perier. He took me to a shop and made me buy a wooden shaft for 8 euro - pourquoi? 
When we got home he attached it to the end of a nice shovel - great for the gravel - neat.

Off to hunt lino in a minute - and then back for the evening to take gate somewhere in Normandie.

A bientot


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