Saturday, 10 March 2012

I love vintage!

I tend to pop in all the charity shops in my local town almost every day.

I found this gorgeous old typewriter recently, it was a bargain!

I seem to have a problem though. I can never have one of anything. I am not sure why and it's a bit worrying because doubling up on stuff (and I mean lots of stuff!) really takes up  space. 
Living as I do in a smallish Victorian terraced house you can see my dilemma.

The good news is I will be moving to my lovely rural house in France quite soon and its a lot bigger.
Our lovely house in Normandy

There are no charity shops in our part of France, but my goodness there are plenty of vide greniers (car boots), brocantes, antique shops and depot ventes. I would like to try and keep 'stuff' in proportion this time but I guess only time will tell.

We are currently doing up the French house. It is in a very quiet little hamlet devoid of shops or bar (bit of a shame about the bar). It is surrounded on three sides by green fields and our nearest neighbours are across the road. Apart from those neighbours I have rarely caught sight of another human being.

View from the side of the house

I hope you enjoy this blog and will stick with me to find out all about this (quite scary) adventure, my vintage finds, my little irks and quirks, my family and other stuff.

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