Friday, 2 March 2012

This is my first post ever!

I am incredibly nervous about it.

Where to start?

I originally called this blog  'Blanket' - Simply because Blanket is one of my favourite words. It evokes a feeling of cosiness and warmth, it makes you feel protected and it covers all.
Before duvets, we were wrapped in woollen blankets, I still have vivid memories of my grandmother 'tucking me in' and kissing me goodnight, of being swaddled in a blanket on the sofa on those days when I was poorly and I remember a blanket stretched out on the grass for tea and toys.
Later, much later, a blanket, a picnic and a boy!
Now we have duvets, not the same is it?
Another favourite word of mine is 'Genre'. Do you have a favourite word?

Remember the blanket on the ground?
Snuggling up under the blanket?

Feeling warm and safe?

After all that I decided to re title my blog 

8 La Commune 

Call me fickle!

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