Monday, 9 July 2012

Music Monday on Time for a Change!

I will get the hang of this blogging routine!

Apparently iI haven't yet found my blogging voice, but

I will!

I have an inspirational daughter (D1), some might call her a bit of a task master, encouraging me.

Actually I have three inspiring daughters, all of whom love music as much as their mum. It is one of the positives they inherited from me I think.

My upbringing was odd to say the least, another story waiting to be told, but my first special memories are of song...and music. For that I will be forever grateful. 

My grandmother sang all the old songs and mother liked to dance around to Elvis and Glen Miller. I am lucky that all my daughters, like me, shed their inhibitions and dance like crazy at any opportunity, we like to jive, we like to tango, we like to jump around and just play the fool. (D1 is an expert in this area).

Natalie or D2, as I sometimes refer to her, is my slightly nutty daughter, She introduced me to the music of Nirvana, Placebo and more recently, as she has got a little more surfy, Ben Howard. 

Now I have rambled on and gone completely off track so let me stop and play my song choice for this Monday. 

This is my favourite Nirvana tune:

Well, writing this slightly disjointed blog post has given me lots of ideas for future posts so come back and read more.

You are always very welcome!

(Vous êtes toujours bienvenu!)

Love Maffy x