Thursday, 12 July 2012

A Work in Progress

This is how it's coming along!

Chez Moi by Emilie-Claire Barlow on Grooveshark

8 La Commune
There are a lot of 'works in progress' here at 8 La Commune.
The house is looking a mess with bits half done...but it's coming along!
The dingy brown paintwork is gradually going green, the cracks are being filled ,the gutters are still overflowing...but not for long.
The garden is starting to take shape but just as it does, as is the norm and my prerogative as being part of the female of the species, I've changed my mind about the layout.
The veg patch has been partially successful with the Betterave (beetroot) et Shallots doing very well but the beans and potatoes scoring nil points!
The wild flower garden is looking pretty for it's first year...but what grows best in my garden are weeds!
But hey! Seed Balls inform me, and they should know, that "weeds are wild flowers the wrong place.
This is a rural house with a pretty wild garden...pretty wild owner too!...perhaps that is how it should be.

unfortunately...not today, today tis still raining.



love these little people

sore not discussed!

lavender hedge coming along

beans nil point!

potoatoes :(

betterave et shallots

wild flower garden

belle fleurs

plus de jolies fleurs

I like wood piles...hazel

My first attempt at a woodpile...not bad I think?

I love to see you come back soon!J'aime vous voir revenir bientôt! love Maffy x


  1. The windows look so much better, they are really nice and I'm loving the wildflower patch....beautiful

  2. Hi I entered your daughter's give away this week and I am now following your blog! I think the house is beautiful ... and the wild garden! I have a wee shop on Folksy and a blog. Thanks for sharing. Edwina