Saturday, 28 July 2012

My Wild Flower Garden...and Missing Special People

I have just returned to 8 La Commune having spent a week in the UK with all my special people.
It is always one of the hardest parts of living here in France...when you have to say goodbye, again, to the people most cherished.

Wild Wood by Paul Weller on Grooveshark

Back here though the summer has finally arrived and my little wild flower patch has truly bloomed!
This small area of the garden was only planted this spring and already it is filled with colour and doing its job attracting wildlife.

At the edge of this patch is my vegetable plot, or potager. It has been partially successful but, on reflection, is in the wrong place. Next season I am going to let the wild flower area take over this space and plant a two or three fruit trees as well.

I may put a series of small raised beds down one side of the grassed area but due to circumstances beyond my control these will have to be narrow and pretty uniform, not really my style, but hey!

As we have a constant supply of vegetables, salad and eggs from our lovely neighbour Jean Claude it will suffice my need to grow to keep just a small area for fresh herbs and salads.

The little meadow

bees are loving it!

wild Sweetpea

The potager

looking back at the house


S'amuser au soleil!
Revenez bientôt

Love Maffy x

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