Thursday, 28 June 2012

Caméras et autres choses !

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Cameras and stuff!

This is one of my favourite afternoons out...a visit to the Depot Vente.
This one is in Coutance just south of La Commune

It is full of hidden treasures!

à la dépôt vente
I like to take my time there.

Number 1 rule of truffling for treasure...

Take your time!

Sometimes you have to look under things, sometimes you have to look in to things,sometimes you have to delve deep inside things...but persevere, 
those little treasures are there, just waiting to be found.

Quite unbelievably, on this occasion, I didn't find anything that was within my possibilité financière.

What I did find though, were cameras...lots of them!

...and I find I have a sudden indeed need, to start a collection of old cameras.

You will find that I am a person who can never own one of anything.

Oh dear! I think I may have to go back to the depot vente aujourd'hui.

I did get some very funny looks from other shopper while I was taking these pictures...

I know!...not a camera. Old sewing machines...another whole story.

I love these cases

...and this case

this was kind of cheeky looking

what do you think? 

Ok...I'm going back

Venez retrouver bientôt!

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