Monday, 25 June 2012

Music Monday...On a Monday!

A little French café music on Monday.

La Chapelle au clare de Lune 1937

This song is a very old French folk song dating back to the 18th century,  here performed by the very beautiful Léo Marjane.

The song references the French version of the Commedia Dell'Arte - Pierrot is the French version of Pedrolino, and Harlequin is the French version of Arlecchino. We can presume that our unnamed lady is Columbina/Columbine. 

I've been singing along to this tune for years in French not knowing exactly what the lyrics meant. It sounds romantic and my goodness it turns out it is...if not a little saucy!

In the light of the moon, Pierrot, my friend
Loan me your pen to write something down
My candle's dead, I've got no flame to light it
Open your door, for the love of God!

In the light of the moon, Pierrot replied
I don't have a pen, I'm in bed
Go to the neighbor's, I think she's there
Because someone just lit a match in the kitchen

In the light of the moon, likable Harlequin
Knocked on the brunette's door, and she responded immediately
Who's knocking like that? And he replied
Open your door, for the God of Love!

In the light of the moon, you can barely see anything
Someone looked for a pen, someone looked for a flame
In all of that looking, I don't know what was found
But I do know that those two shut the door behind them.

Turn it chanter!

Revenir bientôt

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