Saturday, 30 June 2012

Moule Frite et Muscadet

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Imagine the setting: A  balmy summer evening looking across the almost empty beach sipping a cold Muscadet...mmm heaven!

The slipway

If you like simple pleasures then let me tell you about my new favourite place to eat out.

'La Calle' sits on a slipway on the west coast of the Normandy peninsula.

It's a Shack!

La Calle

The tables are scattered willy nilly...
the benches are planks stretched across old plastic beer crates.

The perfect restaurant

You can dig your toes into the sand as you sip cold wine and take in the beautiful surroundings, watching the fishing boats hauled in after the day's work as the sun sinks down to evening.

Fresh Oysters, Clams and Bulot to eat lazily and savour cold and dribbled with lemon.
After lots more chat and a little more wine Moule Frites,a very large pan to be shared with friends.

More wine?...Ah oui merci!

Mon repas

et le Muscadet

The sun slowly sinking, the air taking on a slight, but not unpleasant chill...lots of laughter now  the as the wine works it's magic and loosens the tongue.

beautiful sky!

Ah! Tout est bien avec le monde !

Ahh...tis lovely!

Just as you are leaving le propriétaire calls you back for a parting Calvados...just a sip but the perfect end to a perfect evening in just about the perfect place.

looking through a window

perfect ending

I'm just a simple girl at heart who finds pleasure in simple things.

Love Maffy x

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