Friday, 22 June 2012

Les Animaux De La Commune

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Since I have been here in Normandie I have walked miles, rain or shine...well mostly rain really.
As I mentioned in my previous post I have been lost quite a bit, I have also been muddy quite a bit having fallen down more than one rabbit hole. Freaky how I always seem to find the muddiest spot to do that in.
My gorgeous, most comfy, walking shoes which were immaculately clean in the UK really look a bit of a state now.
I have loved meeting the inhabitants of La Commune and they have been very welcoming.
So far during my cross country hikes, and even here in the village, I have only made the acquaintance of one human being...She was shouting her dog in, who was trying, but failing, to guard his property with all his might...turned out to be a pussy cat in disguise!
Anyhow nice lady waved up at me and wished me Bonne journée!

Come and meet Les Animaux de La Commune

Couldn't photograph the frogs but they were certainly enjoying the pond

These little bullocks look like Freisians 

Big scary dog!!!

Little donkey

...who scared the life out of me with the volume of his bray

French cows!

...and a rather matronly cow

Thought they were looking at me a little suspiciously

...they got a little braver, especially the little ones


Getting familiar

Okay that's it... I really love you lady

Bonne journée

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