Sunday, 17 June 2012

Sentimental Indulgence...A Letter To My Daughter

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Forgive me this moment of sentimental indulgence...

Recently I decided to do a short on-line writing course.

I really enjoyed the process, it was somewhat a voyage of discovery where my innermost secrets and feelings took flight and landed on the paper.

The tasks involved writing in 10 minute streams of conciousness and there were various prompts.

One of these was to 'write a letter'

This is an unedited (excuse the grammar) Letter to my Daughter:

Dear Daughter,
I just want to tell yo how much I love you and how much I miss you.

You make me laugh often!
You inspire me in lots of different ways.
You understand me when others don't and I just want to tell you how glad I am that you were born to me.

There have been times I feel I have let you down.
Sometimes I have been selfish, particularly in the early years when I had no experience of motherhood, 
when support was somewhat lacking.
I was little more than a child myself not ready yet for a baby of my own.
I was inexperienced in the ways of parenting.
I am so happy that I stood my ground in those early days and that meddling others failed.

My task on this course is to 'write a letter'...I chose to write to you my beautiful girl.

I thought of writing to my mother but then decided it would be painful...maybe negative...that I would no doubt cry.
I didn't know that writing to you would also reduce me to tears...but in a good way.

We are quite different really but so alike.

I wish I could bake cakes like yours!

Thank you for my beautiful grandchildren.

Thank you for always being there when I need a moan or a hug.

Thank you for helping me design my blog and for all the advice and constructive criticism,
Sorry I have been such a pain!

I love that you love the same kind of things that I do, that you love the same kind of junk as I do, that you love truffling for treasure as I do.

I wish you were a bit tidier!

One kind of little negative in amongst a whole heap of positives

with all my love 
mum x all my lovely daughters 'I love you'  xxx


  1. Dear Mother
    I have just got home and found this.
    Thank you for being my mum :)
    I love you loads and although you are a pain when it comes to computers I love you all the same you soppy doughnut ;)
    Thank you for such a beautiful letter
    Sending you virtual hugs
    Your daughter

  2. ps my shawl looks awesome, I've never seen this picture!