Sunday, 10 June 2012

Festival Des Fleurs Faux

Flowers in the Window by Travis on Grooveshark

My first trip to the local Depot Vente yielded little!

On the plus side I didn't spend any euros, but... quelle domage!
no treasures today!

I was tempted by this pile of 78"s but decided against, my decision based on the fact that I don't own a gramophone.

0ld 78"s
What I did find was a flourish of fake flowers...lots of them!

I am not a lover of fake flowers and my superstitious side says it is unlucky to have fake flowers in the house (and dead flowers too!) but I did enjoy taking these photos, they brightened up a very wet and windy day in Normandie.

It's been raining quite a bit since I arrived in Normandie

 Enjoy my festival of flowers...Bon journée!

Le Depot Vente

Les Fleurs

plus des fleurs

Who will buy?

A little more tasteful I think!

...not sure about these!

Little bunch in big pot!

Reviens vite mon les mignons !

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  1. Lovely post mum, just spent most of it looking in the photos to see of there was anything I liked the look off :) The taste bunch looks like bindweed. I wish we had a depo vente here!! I wonder how easy it would be to set one up.